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Wellvyl is a health and wellness membership group based in New York City, whose aim is to bridge unique and engaging parties / experiences  with a healthy / wellness lifestyle. They have a strong ethos around promoting diversity and positive community building by offering events around mental health, art / meditation / yoga, and nutrition to name a few.  


I was asked to do a redesign for the brand, which expresses Wellvyl’s positivity, inclusion, and playfulness, while presenting an aesthetic nod to New York’s creative graffiti heritage.

Art Direction, Branding, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Prototyping, Web UI + UX Design, Typography


When beginning, I wanted to avoid a contrived appropriation of graffiti; which often takes the form of a pre-made, overly stylized font that’s used in excess. Instead, I chose to focus on the texture, handwritten quality, and creative expression within graffiti. 

Wellvyl has 4 main pillars which represent the brand; social, soul, body, and mind. Using these pillars, I redesigned their icons as sprayed tags. In addition, I created grids of the icons, which would be used similar to that of a wheatpasting, juxtaposing the main image.

wellvyl site tags.gif

To extend the versatility of the graphic story, I developed a subtle diffused spray for material that contains additional elements, which can be seen on much of the website landing pages. Completing the package, I designed a handwritten print, which

contains phrases chosen by the Wellvyl team, designed as though it were pulled from a writer’s blackbook. This print is used as a texture, further grounding the brand, which can be seen throughout the site and used on future merchandise.

wellvyl site_best.gif

I extended the redesign to Wellvyl’s social platforms. By leveraging the brand’s ethos around inclusion and health, I partnered their vision with that of art, positive phrasing, lifestyle imagery, and the textural graffiti aesthetic. 

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