How will our interactions change with technology as we begin to build models that understand us better than we understand ourselves? What are ways in which we can leverage the emerging technology to enhance our understanding of our bodies? The Quantified-Self Movement is our urge to know more and control more of our body’s health. V//SM (pronounced vee-sum) reads and replicates our body movement digitally, delivering visual feedback, which gives the user the ability to facilitate correction. Without adequate access to training facilities and coaches, it’s difficult for sports enthusiasts and athletes to improve, and alternately can perpetuate bad habits. 

Taking the form of an app and an accompanying swim top, V//SM presents a 3D motion capture of the user and details areas of accuracy and inaccuracy within their form. The ultimate goal is that as the user aims to improve, so does V//SM at identifying the inefficient stages of your biomechanics form. As a case study, V//SM  is currently configured to analyze one’s freestyle swim stroke, but could be trained for an array of sports or physical therapy exercises.

Project Management, Creative Direction, Design Research, Video Production, Motion Graphic Design, Branding, 3D Modeling, Sportswear Design, Prototyping, IoT, Physical Computing, Mechatronics, UI + UX Design, Collaborative Programming (C#, C)


3D feedback simulation examples.


Trajectory Sensor Testing


V//SM UI Design

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