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Passive Dietary Monitoring Design (PDM)  is an ear-mounted design for tracking dietary / nutritional changes.  


Accurate assessment of nutritional intake is a prerequisite to define the nutritional status, nutritional needs and to evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions to maintain nutritional health. Currently there is no accurate measurement of dietary intake for large populations. This concept design consists of vision sensors, fixed cameras, and a cloud storage server. The goal of this project is to provide a low-cost and robust system for accurate measurement of dietary intake to further support public health efforts.


3D Modeling, Prototyping, Concept Design

PDM_collage_w_bkg_Artboard 14.jpg

Early designs proved too large and noticeable. I later slimmed down the form and focused on key housing areas and weight distribution on the ear.

Screenshot (5).png
PDM_collage_w_bkg_Artboard 13.jpg
Screenshot (9).png

Early 3D printed prototype to test the form factor. When worn, the device sat too high above the wearer's ear and the camera housing was slightly too small. These changes were later altered in the proceeding iterations.


The prototype has been used during both hardware and user / field testing.


The concept design, which will undergo further alterations as the research team develops the hardware components. Ultimately, the design serves as not only a visual guide, but an ergonomic and experiential guide during further research and development of the project.

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