Flate (patent pending) uses existing ocean plastics in a circular packaging model. When used for footwear, the unique waterproof design inflates inside and around the shoes, cushioning it, holding its shape, and protecting it from impact. Structured with a return scheme, the packaging may be deflated after use, folded to the size of a small postcard, and posted back (with prepaid postage) to the manufacturer for reuse within the circular model. Alternatively, if the user chooses to keep the pack, Flate serves as a footwear storage/carrying device.

Flate aims to lower manufacturing costs with its light-weight design, compact size, and use of reusable material. Consistent with the circular model, Flate looks to change our perception of packaging by placing value on what was traditionally thought to be trash.

Founder, Creative Direction, Branding, Design Research, Graphic & 3D Motion Design, Design Strategy, Product Design, Video Production, Prototyping, Design Thinking


Early sketches, which explored collapsible and dual-use designs. I later felt these did not address the underlying material issue as well as the full supply chain and product journey challenges, so later developed new sets of designs.