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Elan Skis’ W Studio focuses on highlighting the strength that lies within women. As part of an initiative to showcase female creatives and athletes, I was invited by W Studio to design a series of skis. The resulting skis were released exclusive to the Canadian market (Winter 2019).

Creative Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography

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W Studio sought to project a vibrant and carefree message through their skis. I partnered that with the feeling of independence being on the slopes with friends, as well as the sense of exploration and excitement of speed that often comes with it. Below are some early designs. One depicts a surreal snowscape while others display velocity and speed through geometry and perspective.

Throughout the process, I referenced the feeling and independence of speed, carving, and exploration on the slopes. I wanted to capture that movement, essentially freezing the feeling of speed. I looked at vivid long exposure light trails, and distorted landscapes.


I built on the notion of independence and speed on the slopes by creating an organic speed distortion graphic. I later repositioned and refined it for the skis silhouette.

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The final designs and colorways were sold to select retailers Winter 2019.

Elan_web_wix_Artboard 37 copy.jpg
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