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As a visual, branding, and product designer, Nikeisha Nelson focuses on the body’s interaction with products and aims to develop innovative solutions to everyday challenges. With over 5 years of design experience, she has done work for Nike Inc., Christopher Ræburn, and Imperial College London. In addition, she has shown work in New York Fashion Week 2015-17, London Fashion Week 2018, and Dubai Design Week 2018. She earned an MA degree in Design Products from The Royal College of Art London and enjoys collaborating with other creatives to spark new ways of thinking while exploring the interaction between the body and products.


Guest Lecturer at Hofstra University  
Dubai Design Week (Global Grad Show)
Royal College of Art Award of Excellence 
London Fashion Week  
New York Fashion Week
Guest Lecturer at Hofstra University 
Gorman Annual Professional Development Prize
Lousie Palazzola Senior Award 
Nelson Foundation Scholarship Award 

2012 - 2016   


Design: Adobe Creative Suite, Wireframes & mockups with Figma/Sketch/InVision, Freehand sketching & ideation, Illustration & UX/UI graphics, Style Guides, Typography, Video editing with Premiere Pro & After Effects, Strategy & vision presentations, User flows, Market research, Creative problem solving, Data visualization, Infographics, Keynote presentations


Prototyping: 3D Modeling with Rhino & C4D, Hands-on blue foam, Basic programming (C, C#) & Mechatronics, Basic woodworking  

Soft Skills: Public speaking, Management experience, Collaborative as well as self-sufficient, Patient, Responsible